Norel, a Spanish company whose business is the development, manufacturing and trading of feed ingredients for animal nutrition, has opened Norel Brasil in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new location will be led by Jorge Calil.

The new location will give Norel the opportunity to directly service its core products such as butyrates, medium-chain fatty acid salts, organic minerals, flavors, preservatives, fats or rumen enhancers in the Brazilian market.


The Brazilian market is one of the main exporters of beef and poultry meat worldwide, currently exporting $6,500 million and $5,500 million, respectively. Due to new rules in the U.S., in which the use of antibiotics has been limited to its medical use and restricted the use as growth promoters, Brazil will be required to produce with these new conditions. In this sense, Norel provides experience, together with a wide range of non-medicated products that promote growth and health for animals, without using antibiotic growth promoters.