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Moy Park hatchery
Kovacs Orsi,
on July 31, 2017

SunJin invests in Myanmar broiler breeder operation

New breeder facility is expected to have 100,000 parent stock broilers

From WATTAgNet:

South Korean animal feed company SunJin is investing $3 million in a broiler breeder operation in Myanmar.

The poultry breeding operation will be part of SunJin Livestock, which is a joint venture between SunJin, which holds a 95 percent stake, and a local partner. The partnership was formed earlier in 2017.

According to a report from Deal Street Asia, the company, up to 2018, will have 100,000 parent stock broiler breeders.

SunJin’s feed supply chain includes six production plants and five logistic hubs. It handles 500,000 metric tons of animal feed per year. 

S Korea’s SunJin to invest $3m in breeder farm business in Myanmar

SunJin, a leading S Korean livestock and animal feed company, is investing $3 million in Myanmar to set up its breeder farm business.

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