Easy Bio presented at the 9th Regional Aquafeed Forum (RAF9) held at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from September 28th to 30th. RAF9 is an annual meeting on aquaculture nutrition held in the South East Asia region and hosts around 150 aquaculture experts yearly.

Easy Bio presented on the topic of “Effects of dietary supplementation of lysophospholipids on growth performance and feed utilization in shrimp” to an audience of over 60 experts in the aquaculture.

“Every animal has LPLs (lysophospholipids) in their biological membranes in small quantity. Dietary supplementation of LPLs can significantly improve nutrients absorption,” said Mr. Daniel Choi, Technical Sales Manager of Easy Bio. Mr. Choi presented on the safety and benefits of Lipidol and the potential opportunities for its development in shrimp and fish.


Significant findings from a study in Ecuador showed the effects of Lipidol supplementation on the growth performance of shrimp. In addition, the study indicated that with Lipidol supplementation, the pellet was able to retain its proper hardness and density, a factor that is critical in aqua feed. These results indicate that there is a great potential for further application of Lipidol in aqua feed. Based on the findings of this experiment, Easy Bio is currently conducting fish and shrimp trials at Nong Lam University, Vietnam.

“With the support of Easy Bio, we are able to deliver the important benefits of Lipidol with great effectiveness to South East Asian markets. We hope that through our collaborative efforts, even more customers will have access to, and produce great outcomes with Lipidol,” said Bayer Vietnam.

Mr. Choi commented, “We are very appreciative of Bayer Vietnam and their efforts to create more opportunities to communicate with our customers directly. We look forward to growing together.”