On November 7, 2017 Nippon Chunky, the exclusive Ross distributor in Japan, held a celebration for 50 years of well-deserved success with its strong promotion and support of the broiler breeder, as well as its dedication to providing the best after-sales service for a growing customer base in the local market.

The anniversary was held at the ANA Crowne Plaza, with over 150 guests in attendance, together with the senior Aviagen Asian regional management team. The purpose of the gathering was for Aviagen to honor the successful long-term relationship with Nippon Chunky and the distributor’s business achievements in Japan.

Special address by Nippon Chunky president

The event started with an opening address from the Nippon Chunky President, Mr. Tadashi Yoshida, who expressed his gratitude to the guests for their participation in “our 50th anniversary ceremony and party.”

He said the event reminded him of how strongly every stakeholder has supported Nippon Chunky for 50 years and “our business could never be successful without your corporation.” He also expressed his appreciation to Aviagen for its genetic innovation and for being part of the best partnership for 50 years, supporting, encouraging and helping Nippon Chunky to grow and prosper in the market.


Mr. Yoshida went on to say, “The 50th anniversary is just a milestone for us toward a bright future and it is necessary as the top leader in the market to commit to future growth more and more as our duty and responsibility. We seriously desire your unchanged partnership and friendship with Nippon Chunky for next century as well.”

A special invitation was sent to David Butler, who was the Technical Service Director of Ross Breeders Ltd responsible for visiting Nippon Chunky for over 20 years from the early 1980s, and whose influence guided not only Nippon Chunky, but also the Japanese broiler industry at large.  He was present and is credited with much of the improvement in management of the broiler breeding stock in the market.    

“Breaking the lid” on a successful partnership

Following the presentations, an important ceremony called “Kagami Biraki” was commenced to mark the auspicious transition to the next success. Kagami Biraki is a Japanese ceremony performed at celebratory events in which the lid of the sake barrel is broken open by a wooden mallet and the contents are served to everyone present. Once the barrel is opened and the sake is ready for the participants, it is considered that the transition has taken place.

Bob Dobbie, President International Business, Aviagen, responded to the comments made by Mr. Yoshida to honor this significant milestone and achievements of Nippon Chunky, “It would be impossible to mention the names of all the individuals involved in this 50-year relationship, so let’s just remember and thank everyone who has contributed to the success and longevity of Nippon Chunky.”