Saudi poultry company CAAP will be expanding its broiler hatchery in the southern province of King Dam.

The expansion is scheduled to commence in June, 2018, and the first hatch is anticipated to take place two months later.

The company has reached a deal with Jamesway to provide equipment for the expanded hatchery.

Once the project is completed, the hatchery will ultimately hatch 80 million broiler eggs each year. The deal reached between CAAP and Jamesway represents an expansion of CAAP’s original Jamesway equipment, which was installed when the hatchery was first launched seven years ago.


According to a press release from Jamesway, the operation is located 500 meters above sea level in very humid conditions, so the continued use of Jamesway machines is a reflection of the Saudi Arabian company’s confidence in the versatility and reliability of Jamesway’s Platinum machines.

“Jamesway has provided equipment to many hatcheries in geographically demanding locations, including the Amazon jungle, the Cordillera mountain range, the high Rocky Mountains and the Mongolian steppe,” Jamesway said in a statement. “Platinum single-stage machines are extremely versatile and easy to program so they adapt well to a variety of extreme weather conditions.”

Dr. Abdulla Ben Kedman is the owner of the hatchery, while Mahmoud Ebd El Salaam is the manager of the hatchery.