An official signing ceremony took place on June 20 during the VIV exhibition in Utrecht at the HatchTech booth. This ceremony was the official start for the construction of what will soon be the largest independent hatchery of Poland: ModernHatch.

HatchCare Chicks for ModernHatch

Six years ago, both companies HatchTech and ModernHatch signed their first agreement related to a turn-key hatchery with a capacity of 65 million day old chicks per year. Due to the increasing demand for high quality d.o.c.’s in the Polish poultry market an expansion was required. After several reference visits in Holland, Germany, and Canada, ModerHatch became fully convinced in the early feeding system of HatchTech – HatchCare, the hatcher with feed, fresh water and light.

Patrick van Maanen, International Sales Manager HatchTech, said: “The project is state of the art. We will be installing the best setters in the world, in combination with HatchCare. And we do not stop there. Even during transport the birds will still have light and feed available.”


During the ceremony it was announced that after the construction of the expansion, the new hatchery of ModernHatch will have final capacity of 165 million eggs per year. The hatchery will at final stage use 84 HatchTech MicroClimer Setters 126720, 18 MicoClimer Hatchers (traditional) and 8 HatchCare.

Apart from this, ModernHatch has chosen to install a HatchCare Chick Storage room, which provides the birds with feed and fresh water also during the waiting period between processing and departing for transport.

Last but least, HatchTech supplies its new HatchTraveller – which includes the fresh air on chick level, and the LED lights at chick level.