WATTAgNet and WATT PoultryUSA recently published the annual Top Companies report detailing the top broiler and turkey producers in the U.S.

Broiler, turkey producer plant location information available for purchase

This exclusive survey also collects data on more than 270 top broiler and turkey company plant locations and company headquarters. The spreadsheet contains the city and state of the poultry plant, details on the plant’s production categories, and contact name and phone number for the plant. This data, in a convenient spreadsheet format, can be purchased for $49 and allows users to sort, filter and analyze. Readers can also view a complimentary map of these plants.

These additional data sets also are available for purchase:


Annual WATT PoultryUSA Top Companies survey

WATT PoultryUSA’s annual Top Companies edition includes rankings of the top broiler and turkey producers in the U.S., in which broiler producers are ranked by million pounds RTC and turkey producers are ranked by total million live pounds processed. The March issue of WATT PoultryUSA also includes profiles of the leading broiler and turkey producers in the U.S., along with several data sets, such as average weight per broiler slaughtered and average weekly broiler liveweight slaughter.

WATTAgNet Top Companies database

For more Top Companies insights, access the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies database to look up individual company profiles, sort by region or product type. WATT Global Media has collected poultry production and processing data on more than 1,000 poultry producers from around the world. This data includes company headquarters, the company's production of poultry and other products, types of poultry produced and other key company information.

The WATTAgNet Top Feed Companies database offers production data of more than 200 compound feed manufacturers worldwide. The Top Feed Companies database allows users to delve into the Top Feed Companies by volume.