As the Russian poultry industry faces the need to grow exports and address new and potential challenges, a new organization, the National Union of Poultry Farmers (NUPF) has been formed.

The union's board of directors includes representatives from top poultry companies such as the Resource Group of Companies, PRODO Group, Cherkizovo Group, Prioskolye, the Tkachev Agrocomplex and BEZRK-Belgrankorm, with an aggregate market share of over 60 percent. The union is led by Sergei Latukhov, former head of the Russian Veterinary Association, who was appointed the union’s director general.

Well aware of the fact that the period of extensive growth in the Russian poultry farming has ended, NUPF members believe that a qualitative improvement in performance powered by most advanced technologies in rearing, slaughtering and processing and digitization in production management are the high-priority measures that can help the country retain its position as a global industry leader. The union's main areas of focus are to bring together key industry players in a bid to bolster and promote commercial poultry farming in Russia, make its produce ever more competitive and spur domestic demand for poultry products. Other priorities include unlocking the industry’s export potential through ensuring high quality and safety standards, strengthening the country’s role in the global poultry market and boosting sales abroad.


“The union will be concentrating on promoting Russian poultry products in both domestic and foreign markets and supporting in-depth industry research. The latter is aimed at bringing a better understanding of poultry farming matters to government and public audiences and providing the relevant federal and regional legislative and executive authorities with recommendations on how to create a welcoming business environment for continued growth in poultry production,” said Latukhov.

The union plans to engage with industry research and development professionals to deliver new technological solutions to the national poultry market. It is seeking to play a dedicated hands-on role in devising and implementing national programs tackling dangerous animal diseases to ensure safer products as well as government aid programs aimed at improvement of competitiveness and export expansion in the agribusiness sector. The union is also looking for opportunities to cooperate with similar foreign and international associations, and to have a stronger involvement in considering and addressing global poultry farming issues.

NUPF is committed to corporate ethics, transparency, openness, and cooperation with any stakeholders while also looking to help accomplish important development goals of the domestic poultry farming and improve its reputation in Russia and abroad. The NUPF is open to new members from the ranks of poultry professionals and supporting industries likewise.