The inaugural Poultry Tech Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, brought together innovators, venture capitalists and poultry companies from 20 countries to triangulate on the next generation of technology that will solve problems and open new opportunities in poultry production.

Robotics and automation generated intense interest for their potential to reduce labor, be on duty 24/7 and report remotely. 

4 innovations in robotics, automation:

1. Gohbot, the poultry house robot that navigates poultry house floors using imaging sensors and machine learning, has the capability to detect and pick up floor eggs and sense environmental temperatures, gasses and light levels. Developers at Georgia Tech Research Institute project overall cost under $6,000.

2. ChickenBoy, an autonomous ceiling-suspended robot incorporating artificial intelligence and sensors, assesses ambient conditions, health and welfare and equipment failures. Already on the market in Europe, developers at Farm Robotics and Automation SL planning to continue adding capabilities including removal of dead birds and analysis of litter moisture.


3. Woody Breast Detection with machine vision and high-speed cameras is capable of detecting and/or sorting breast fillets at normal line speeds without contacting or damaging fillets. Muscle rigidity is measured as the fillets move on and fall off a conveyor. USDA ARS developers say the system could be ready for market in one to two years.

4. 3D Bird Deboning Cutting Virtual Reality generates cutting trajectories for automated poultry processing systems. It is under development at Georgia Tech Research Institute. Testing started with models but now is on real birds. 

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