Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Government and Public Relations at Cherkizovo Group, headed a working subgroup of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Import Substitution in the Food Machinery Industry.

The group had been established earlier as part of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Anastasia Mikhailova was appointed as the Head of the Machinery and Equipment for the Meat Processing Industry subgroup.

Created as part of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, this platform provides a venue for a meaningful dialogue between representatives of the agricultural sector, food equipment manufacturers, industry associations and government authorities.


Cherkizovo Group, which welcomed working subgroup members at its Kashira plant in 2018, is honored to take the lead as it has the necessary expertise and is well aware of the current trends and challenges faced by the industry when it comes to meat processing equipment.

For the Ministry, the involvement of one of Russia's leading meat producers in the equipment import substitution subgroup is also a sign that the industry is ready to start dialogue and solve existing issues.