WATT Global Media recently released the edition of its Feed Strategy magazine that features The World’s Top Feed Companies. These companies lead the global rankings for compound animal feed manufacturers producing volumes of more than one million metric tons.

In the Top Companies issue, business professionals can access exclusive and detailed information for the profiled feed companies. Over 102 feed manufacturers achieved Top Feed Company status in 2018, reflecting the global feed industry’s expansion and broader animal protein production trends.

Many of the featured companies are headquartered in Asia (46) and Europe (29), followed by North America (11), South America (7), Africa (5), Middle East (3) and Australia (1). In total, the feed-producing companies manufactured more than 395.6 million metric tons of compound feed in 2018.

“Some of the ranking changes since 2018 can be attributed to the discovery of new or updated data,” said Feed Strategy’s editor Jackie Roembke. “However, others are influenced by market conditions, acquisitions or circumstances unique to the company.”

WATT Global Media collects data on more than 1,000 companies worldwide, making it available through online databases. Listings are offered globally and by geographic region with a comprehensive index, so users can find information easily on each company.

Each listing includes a link to detailed online profiles. The profiles include each company’s production capacity and volume, number of feed mills it operates, geographic markets served, types of feed produced, contact information and a company description, including recent developments such as mergers and acquisitions.

Databases also have search, sort and compare options. Free website registration is required to access data.

Of note, WATT Global Media recently launched a new dedicated website, www.FeedStrategy.com, building upon its premier Feed Strategy publication. The website explores global feed’s impact on the food chain in a consumer-driven and fast-growing world with exclusive data, expert insight and analysis for animal feed producers, nutritionists, veterinarians, mill management and allied professionals across the globe.

Find the digital edition of the Top Companies magazine at www.feedstrategy-digital.com.