Continuing to promote sales around the world EmTech Hatchery Systems has appointed Enviro-Tech Hatchery Solutions as its agent for the USA. 

Enviro-Tech Hatchery Solutions is based in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Eric Mol, owner, has over 26 years of experience in the poultry industry having emigrated from the Netherlands to Georgia in 2000. 

Eric is thrilled by the great prospects offered by his new territory, “I am very excited to represent EmTech as their North American Agent. The US offers great opportunities for new equipment and, with the large number of older machines here, upgrades as well. This will be a great entry point for EmTech in hatcheries throughout the US. EmTech systems has an identical footprint to older Chick Master and Buckeye equipment, making it a much easier transition. We have installed a number of upgrades here already and customers have been very happy with the improved performance. I am looking forward to many more opportunities to serve North America with EmTech products.” 


Enviro-Tech Hatchery Solutions’ main focus, to date, has been customer support, equipment and parts sales and commissioning equipment such as HVAC rooftop units, chillers, pump packages, control panels, supply and exhaust fans and Enviro-Mist humidification systems. 

With EmTech’s single and multi-stage range of incubators, Enviro-Tech Hatchery Solutions is now able to fully support the US poultry market along with EmTech’s dedicated HVAC solutions (AirTech and EnviroTech). 

Recognizing the need to keep capital costs to a minimum while improving hatchery performance EmTech will soon be introducing a new range of upgrades for Buckeye, Chick Master and other customers. Watch this space.