At the start of this new academic year, Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest meat producer, held a number of meetings with students and senior staff of various Moscow universities. The purpose of the meetings was to encourage students to embrace apprenticeship opportunities at the Company’s production facilities and discuss further R&D collaboration with the universities. 

On September 28, Cherkizovo representatives met with students from Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technologies and Management. They talked to sophomores about the dual education system implemented jointly by the university and the Company's production facilities. Additionally, they discussed career opportunities in the meat processing sector.

“This year, apprenticeship at Cherkizovo Group has seen applications not only from our students, but also from other Russian universities that train food industry specialists. The competitive selection process is already underway. I hope that, despite the tough competition, each and every one of you passes the selection process and qualifies for the dual education programme at Cherkizovo. That way you can learn on the job and obtain a secondary qualification. Embark upon a path towards a successful career, and the university will make every effort to support you!” said Valentina Ivanova, the university’s rector.

At the meeting, Cherkizovo Group was represented by Denis Kudryavtsev, Head of R&D, and Ekaterina Shklyarenko, Head of Training for Production Personnel. “The dual education programme helps bring university and business goals closer into line,” said Ms Shklyarenko. Students will learn and practice new skills over the course of a year, and at the end of it those who perform best will be offered permanent positions at Cherkizovo. “It all depends on their diligence and willingness to learn,” commented Ekaterina Shklyarenko.


Following the meeting, the students were keen to learn more about the Company’s work, practical training opportunities, and the dual education programme.

The goal of the Dual Education project is to provide the Company with the skilled meat processing professionals that it needs. As part of the programme, students study theory at the university three days a week, and spend two days a week at Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant. In the apprenticeship section, students will be mastering a trade. At the end of the training, they will take an exam to demonstrate their professional competencies.

Also in September, the Head of Cherkizovo’s R&D Lab Sergey Shapovalov met with the Rector of the Skryabin Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology Sergei Pozyabin, Assistant Rector Viktor Stepanishin, and the Dean of the Veterinary Medicine Department Pavel Abramov. They discussed potential R&D collaboration, a dual education programme for the Academy’s students, and practical training opportunities at Cherkizovo’s R&D Lab. The Academy also expressed interest in participating in Cherkizovo’s regional youth programmes.