The whole world just commemorated World Water Day (March 22), the one day dedicated to recognizing major freshwater scarcity that is experienced from rural areas to megacities all over the world. This crisis affects around 844 million individuals who experience water scarcity at least one month in a year. Many are joining hands to help address this global issue, and while much progress has already been made, fully solving it will take a tremendous amount of resources and time. See, in addition to the absence of sources, another major contributor to the problem is the unavailability of processing facilities that purify water so that they are clean enough to be used for drinking, cooking, and farming, and poultry.


In fact, about 1 billion people who rely on piped systems receive freshwater that is below international standards for safety.


This is an aspect of the global water crisis that Aquatabs is working on addressing. For the unoriented, Aquatabs is the world’s most recognized and largest selling brand of effervescent water purification tablets that kill microorganisms in water. It is scientifically proven effective in reducing bacteria in water by 99.9999%, viruses by 99.99%, and Cysts (Giardia) by 99.9%. Communities and individuals all over the world use it to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other water-borne diseases.


Recently, Aquatabs also released InLine, a groundbreaking, low-cost water disinfection system that has the ability to decontaminate and purify 360,000 liters of water. It can be easily connected to existing water tank pipelines in farms and villages where getting access to clean water for humans, plants, and animals can be quite challenging. Depending on water quality, Aquatabs InLine can be easily adjusted to meet the ppm levels required in any situation.


For farmers, Aquatabs InLine eliminates the need to use antibodies on their farm animals. And usage cannot get any simpler.  There is no mixing, no stirring, no daily attendance. You simply plug it and let it do its work.


“We have been using AquaTabs In-Line system now for nearly two years on one of our Finishing units carrying just over 7500 fatteners,” shares Shane Stephens a farmer that has been using the Aquatabs InLine.



“We decided to use Aqua Tabs In-Line on this farm because we were getting reduced flow rates on drinking nipples due to a build-up of Biofilm in the lines and also to ensure that we were doing all we could to provide our animals with clean palatable water,


We review our farm Performance Quarterly to ensure critical targets are being achieved (FCE, DLWG)  we noticed after a full quarter of using the In-Line system that water intakes had increased and became consistent (due to no restrictions in the lines with increased flow rates at the nipple) which helped promote a higher feed intake resulting in an increased Daily Live weight gain which we are extremely happy with,”


A key feature we find with the Aquatabs In-Line System is that it’s based off pure simplicity from installation to changing of a cartridge it’s so simple to use and takes away the inconvenience we had in the past doing calculations, setting up pumps, and mixing of solutions not to mention having to have a spare pump on standby and keeping spare parts, we now can put all that behind us keeping things more streamlined and simple as now we just have to take a glance at the Cartridge passing by, as its see-through we can monitor tablet stage and once its near finished we swap in a new one in under a minute which any person on our farm can do as it’s that simple which puts my mind at ease knowing the correct dosage is being used at all times thanks to the Aquatabs In-Inline and its team.”


The main components of the device can be broken down into five main points. Aquatabs InLine is designed for the plug and play. Reducing the need for antibodies in farm animals, overtime saving cost. Controls bacterial contamination and biofilm and reduces the exposure for poultry, pig, and cattle. The Aquatabs® InLine does not require any power to start utilizing the device. Increases performance (meat conversion, shell quality, etc.), and overall lowers the mortality rates of the animals.


To learn more about Aquatabs, you may visit their website