Sophisticated algorithms can analyze information collected on the poultry farm to provide 24/7 real time feedback, which could help identify flock issues earlier and solve problems more quickly.

“We bring you insights, information and learning on a broiler farm, which is lacking labor globally and lacking time because of all the aspects required on a day-to-day farm,” said Russell Jones, commercial development, OPTIfarm.

During the third webinar in the Poultry Tech Webinar Series, Jones shared how data collection, algorithms and feedback systems can help integrators identify issues and solve problems to improve flock outcomes.

Real time intervention

Recent innovations in low-cost sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) now make it possible to instantaneously upload data on ventilation, heating, water consumption, food consumption, mortality and more to the cloud. However, the data collected is of little use without analyzation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can analyze this data with algorithms. Remote support systems constantly monitor the data to provide 24/7 feedback to growers and service personnel, helping to optimize the decision-making process when issues arise.

“What that AI enables us to do is give the farm manager or teams a resource that they can act upon as they see fit,” Jones explained. “There may be things that the farm manager may not know that happened.”

Real time intervention provided by remote support services can supply operational recommendations for efficiency improvements and welfare gains, including the ability to drive changes at the farm level that affect factory efficiencies, Jones said.


The data analysis feedback loop can also help train new workers or fill in for the labor gap in poultry production.

What’s next

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