Intervet, now integrated with Schering Plough Animal Health, promoted Innovax-ILT. This type-3 Marek's disease (HVT) virus-vectored laryngotracheitis vaccine can be administered by the subcutaneous route in replacement pullets at day old to protect against both MD and LT. Since the vaccine expresses only the immunogenic glycoproteins of LT, there is no risk of developing either a carrier state or producing clinical disease as encountered with chick embryo origin vaccines. Innovax-ILT is administered at the hatchery, facilitating more precise control over reconstitution and administration compared to field application. Data presented by Intervet confirms protection through 7 weeks of age and should serve as a useful primary vaccine, with boosting at 8 to 9 days using conventional CEO vaccine. The effectiveness of the vaccine is however limited by early exposure to field strains of Marek's disease. The vaccine may benefit some producers, although field experience will be necessary to establish cost effectiveness. The first commercial flocks to receive the vaccine are now 60 weeks of age and are clinically unaffected although there is no documentation of challenge which is the hallmark of vaccine protection. Unlike the broiler industry in which LT is a problem in many regions, there is no evident impact on pullet growth, livability or subsequent productivity of flocks using current vaccination programs.

Fort Dodge Animal Health

Fort Dodge Animal Health promoted Poulvac E.coli attenuated vaccine. The product is administered by coarse spray at the hatchery with one or two boosters during the rearing period. The vaccine is derived from an O78 pathogenic serotype E.coli strain and provides broad protection against airsaculitis and peritonitis infection. E.coli is responsible for elevated mortality in some Midwest operations. Losses of up to 10 percent in flocks have been recorded through the first cycle, then increasing during molting or when flocks are stressed. Introduction of Poulvac E.coli vaccine generally reduces morality to acceptable levels consistent with breed standards when combined with chlorination of drinking water, improvement in ventilation and elimination of routine dust removal using gasoline-powered blowers. The efficacy of vaccines administered by the spray or water route can be influenced by pH, and mineral and organic contaminants.

Animal Science Products

Animal Science Products ( introduced Spray-Vac, a stabilizer which supports the viability and hence efficacy of live bacterial and viral vaccines administered by coarse aerosol. The product will buffer reconstituted vaccine solutions to a pH value approximating neutrality and will protect vaccines from oxidation by chlorine and other ions present in tap water. Structured trials have demonstrated the value of Spray-Vac in protecting live Mycoplasma vaccine administered by the spray route.

EcoSmart Technologies

EcoSMART Technologies ( of Canada supply liquid and granular insecticides with aromatic oils as the active agents. These can be used to suppress ectoparasites including lice and mites which are frequently encountered on free-range or non-confined flocks. EcoSMART products can be applied either directly to birds or can be fogged since they are approved by the U.S. National Organic Program.

Biosecurity Eastern Technologies

Eastern Technologies Inc. (, a newcomer to the IPE, demonstrated a range of Orex protective clothing including disposable coveralls, shoe covers and headwear. Increased levels of biosecurity associated with the risk of introducing a range of infections including low-pathogenicity avian influenza have created a demand for quality disposable protective clothing to limit mechanical transmission of viral and bacterial disease-causing agents.

Garner Environmental Services

Garner Environmental Services ( is a specialist company equipped to respond to emergencies such as oil and chemical spills and major disruptions in infrastructure. They were the approved contractor responsible for depletion and disposal of turkeys infected with low-pathogenicity avian influenza in Virginia during the spring of 2007. Based on their experience, Garner Environmental Services is capable of responding rapidly with appropriate equipment and trained personnel following the emergence of a catastrophic disease.

X-ACT, Systems of Canada

X-ACT, Systems of Canada ( manufactures a mobile composting system which can be used to process mortality, house litter and manure associated with a disease outbreak. Their 40-foot composter can be trucked to a site and assembled rapidly. The system is set up to operate in conjunction with a transportable support module which includes a grinder, mixer and hoppers to maintain batch or continuous operation.


Synbiotics Corp.

Monitoring for the presence of avian influenza (AI) antibodies has become a standard surveillance procedure. Synbiotics Corp. ( demonstrated the Flu Detect solid state antigen capture assay, which serves as a primary technique to detect AI Type A antigen collected by tracheal or cloacal swabs. The test is field deployable and can be used to indicate the presence of avian influenza virus in symptomatic poultry flocks associated with either primary outbreaks or as an adjunct to eradication programs. Positive samples are referred to a reference laboratory for confirmation using RC-PCR technology.

Idexx Laboratories

Idexx Laboratories ( supply the FlockChek Avian Influenza ELISA Test Kit to determine the presence of antibody in samples submitted for routine surveillance or to ascertain immunity after vaccination in areas where this method of protection is allowed.

Inverness Medical

BinaxNOW is a solid state Avian Influenza Type A antigen kit marketed by Inverness Medical ( which can be used to screen for the presence of influenza Type A antigen to provide a result in 15 minutes.

Innovative Equipment Solutions

Innovative Equipment Solutions of Arkansas ( supplies Neptune Disinfecting Systems for trucks, trailers and other vehicles. Wash Stations are available for wheels and underbody or complete full canopy disinfection.

Egg Processing Kuhl Corp.

Kuhl Corp. ( demonstrated tray washing systems incorporating stack loaders, washers and in-line spin dryers which can be configured for a variety of retrofit and new installations. Decontaminating plastic trays is considered essential in a comprehensive biosecurity program for off-line production of cage-free eggs. Cleaning egg trays is required to prevent cross transmission of pathogens and to reduce the possibility of mold contamination on eggs stored for up to 7 days in farm coolers.

Nuovo AG

Nuovo AG of Switzerland ( demonstrated the Egg-Jet Sprinter which can be attached to packers to imprint brand or date on shells. Up to two lines of printing are possible and models can process up to 100 cases per hour. Each cartridge can process 200,000 eggs according to data provided by the manufacturer.


Orka ( of Israel, manufacturer of the Egg Analyzer introduced the Eggshell Force Reader. This model can quantify shell strength at a rate of 10 seconds per egg. Readings are transferred to a PC to be stored in a database or can be directly printed.