Russia’s increasing demands for Turkish poultry have led to a rift between the Turkish government and some of the country’s poultry producers, who are concerned that an export increase could reduce the domestic poultry supply and hike up prices, according to Hürriyet Daily News.

Russia has requested 500,000 tons of white meat to make up for its loss of U.S. and Brazilian poultry since Moscow enacted an import ban earlier this year, claiming that the two countries employed “excessive chlorine usage” in their processing plants. The Russian government lifted a ban on Turkish poultry February 1, soon after enacting its chlorine wash ban.


Six Turkish poultry producers have signed agreement to export meat to Russia, and 11 more deals are in the works, according to the newspaper. But others are hesitant about entering into agreements. Ramazan Altintaş, who oversees exports at poultry producer Şeker Piliç, said that Turkey is not equipped to meet Russia’s export demands.