Netherlands-based Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies announced agreements to equip three hatcheries in different parts of the world with its Smart incubation technologies.

Hy-Line Mexico is developing a brand new hatchery in Yahualica, Mexico, which will produce 300,000 day-old pullets per week. The new hatchery, due for completion later this year, will be fitted with 18 SmartSet setters, each capable of holding 115,200 eggs; 18 SmartHatch hatchers; and ventilation and hatchery automation systems.

Altona Hatchery Pty. Ltd., a supplier of Hy-Line layer chicks to Western Australia and the Northern Territories, is refurbishing its hatchery at Forrestfield, Australia, with SmartSet setters, SmartHatch hatchers, a SmartCenter Hatchery Information System, egg transfer equipment and Hatchery Climate Control systems.


Russia’s diversified agricultural group Belgankorm Company is opening its fourth hatchery, which is set to produce 48 million day-old chicks annually. The hatchery, located in the Belgorod region, includes 36 SmartSet 77 setters and 24 SmartHatch hatchers. The installation also includes egg candling, egg transfer equipment, chick handling equipment and hatchery climate control.

Belgrankorm Company’s products are marketed under the “Yasnye Zori” and “Selskie traditsii” brands.