The general economy and meat/poultry supply and demand were selected as the top two issues for 2010 by industry leaders, according to Greg Rennier, president of Rennier Associates Inc. Voice your opinion by taking our survey

General economy 54%
Meat/poultry supply and demand 49%
Export market 40%
Grain prices 36%
Regulatory issues 33%
Environmental issues 22%
Credit availability 15%
Bird health/disease 13%
Input costs (excluding grain) 10%
Jobs 6%


Comments from survey participants included:

  •  "It's all about supply, demand and the economy." 
  •  "Economic issues are still our overriding concern." 
  •  "Export market has major issues that need to be resolved." 
  •  "Grain is volatile due to ethanol, oil prices and general demand." 

A minority were strongly vocal that regulatory and environmental issues would have the largest impact by year's end.


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