California Governor Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 1437, backed by the HSUS, on July 6. This legislation bans importation of eggs from out-of-state producers that do not comply with the provisions of Proposition 2, which was passed in 2008.

The bill brings about questions of the potential compliance of enriched cages with the provisions of Proposition 2. J.S. West has taken the initiative of investing in a unit in anticipation of compliance. If this is in fact the case, the future of enriched cages may appear brighter as existing suitable facilities will be converted and new units will be erected.


AB1437 may stimulate recaging of birds in other states with the enriched system to supply the California market. The approval of enriched cages by the American Humane Association would help acceptance of the system and could represent a compromise in any subsequent proposition to repeal or modify Proposition 2.