Twenty-eight thousand sausages are expected to be served to customers by Big Dutchman during the course of agricultural exhibition EuroTier. The Big Mac index is published by the economist as a way of measuring the purchasing power parity between two currencies, and if the sausage can be used a measure, then Big Dutchman’s EuroTier stand may come out the winner.

Extending to 896 square metres, the stand was the biggest erected by the company for its pig business at any exhibition.

A quick look at what the stand offers would include 20 seating tables, 20 standing tables, two bars, 10 video screens, some 100 staff depending on the day, and a capacity for 250 guests. Oh, and of course, the company’s complete product offering including climate control systems, air washer systems, farrowing sow and piglet feeding systems.

In total, five days were needed to build the stand and five days to install the equipment. Breakdown is expected to take three days.


“For sure, the size of the stand is a reflection of the confidence that Big Dutchman has in the market,” commented Andreas Boske.

The company, which completed its financial year at the end of September, reported an increase in sales across its pig and poultry divisions of some 20%. A similar growth rate is expected for 2011.

Markets where it has performed particularly strongly over the last year have been Western and Eastern Europe and Russia. Asia has also been a strong market.

  • Participating in EuroTier’s innovation awards, Big Dutchman was awarded a Gold Medal for its SonoCheck device for automatic pregnancy checking in sows in group housing. A Silver Medal was won by its QuigTag – location symbols in the pig house that aid the farming in using the software of palm-top computers and facilitate navigation.