Parent Stock (PS) customers in Algeria can now source Arbor Acres stock directly from Arbor Acres Algérie, a new distributor owned by Groupe Kherbouche.


Arbor Acres Algérie currently has one farm in operation; three more farms are scheduled to be completed in 2011. A new hatchery is also being built, with the first PS expected in April 2011. “We had been looking to expand our business and we were particularly interested in developing a [Grand Parent] operation," said Rachid Kherbouche, owner of Groupe Kherbouche. "Arbor Acres is the right breed for the Algerian market. Aviagen and Groupe Kherbouche have confidence in each other and the reputation of the bird in Algeria is already superb." Kherbouche said the company is planning a series of technical seminars for next year across Algeria.