The advantages of collaboration with Russia's poultry industry, as well as potential results like improved flock health and increased performance, were the focus of Pfizer Animal Health's in ovo seminar held during VIV Russia.

“The Russian poultry market is on the cusp of change,” said Mark Leone, Pfizer's regional director for Eastern Europe. “Some producers have already expressed a strong desire to look to new approaches to become more cost efficient. Across the Europe, Africa and Middle East markets, Russia is one of the highest poultry producing nations. However, the cost of production is high and the way the industry is organized has led to large facilities – so there is an interest and benefit in automation and perhaps a more technical approach.”


The introduction of in ovo technology was also discussed. "As many more vaccines become available for use in ovo, the potential for this technology is significant," said Leone. "It can improve bird performance and production profitability and by collaborating with customers we can ensure it fits seamlessly into their operations.”