The EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures, FEFANA, has launched a new consortium focusing on a new range of feed additives which favorably affect the hygiene of the feed chain by acting on the feed.

The aim of this new consortium, called HYFAC EEIG, is to secure, through coordinated applications dossiers, the authorization on the EU market of a range of new products able to contribute to the reduction of the impact of microbiological contamination through the food chain. "Our industry wanted to responsibly move towards a secure level playing field, creating transparency and trust with such products that influence the safety of the feed chain and avoiding unclear regulatory situation and/or uncertainty about the products that are placed on the market," said FEFANA. 


The feed additives to be defended by HYFAC EEIG will focus on substances aiming at reducing the prevalence of pathogenic and zoonotic agents in or on feed materials and compound feeds.