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Ioannis Mavromichalis

Ioannis Mavromichalis

Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D., is an animal nutrition industry consultant. To contact Mavromichalis, email



There is no such thing as precision nutrition

There is nothing precise about animal – or even human – nutrition, as we cannot claim we know everything there is to know about this great science that affects our daily lives.
I am noticing with amusement several new marketing trends, one of them claiming parenthood of the term precision nutrition. Perhaps this is what we usually call “know what you do” and such people have become so rare that if you happen to come across one you get so mesmerized that you believe it is “precision,” or magic, itself.
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Why algae failed to make an impact

Despite initial hopes, algae have fallen into the vortex of the feed additives industry
A few years ago, I was introduced into the potential of algae. They appeared to be a source of energy and protein for farm animals that could be explored at low cost, providing a viable alternative to areas that cannot produce cereals and protein crops at an advantageous cost.
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ASF and the trade of genetics, consultants and feeds

There is an underground movement to eschew animals, people and products that have been in ASF-affected areas, but everything remains rather hushed for the moment.
Perhaps it is an overreaction. Perhaps it is an opportunity to cut back on costs. Perhaps it is neither or both, but I have heard of cases where major pig producers are keeping growing-finishing gilts back for breeding as they decided to stop bringing in new genetic stock in fear of introducing the African swine fever (ASF) virus to their herds.
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ASF’s impact on the feed additives industry

Some companies have already shown indications of a fallout from the spread of the deadly disease.
Another victim of the African swine fever (ASF) virus that is wiping out a huge chunk of the global pig industry, with no sign it has peaked, is the feed additives industry. Unlike previous years when this industry made tremendous gains by siding with the movement to reduce antibiotic usage in the animal industry, there appears very little role left for it to play in the crisis.
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Summer heat stress and the role of antioxidants

While we go to great lengths to protect feeds from oxidation, we should also take care of heat stress-induced oxidation inside the animals.
Summer, heat stress and oxidation are all common terms associated with animal feeds when the temperature goes up, especially in areas with high humidity.
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