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Ioannis Mavromichalis

Ioannis Mavromichalis

Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D., is an animal nutrition industry consultant. To contact Mavromichalis, email


Modern dairy cows deserve modern vitamin nutrition

Nutrition is an expensive but indispensable resource in animal farming, and using the right levels of all vitamins is one of the ways to ensure productivity and prevent wastage.
Modern dairy production practices require a more intense approach to daily nutrition for animals that are often kept indoors producing milk yields that can reach 50 liters per day.
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Marketing nutrition through your own local offices

Pros and cons of opening a new market by working directly with your own people and facilities as opposed to a local distributor.
So, you want to find out what are the cons and pros of having your own people working out of your own facilities (usually an office and a warehouse, if even that at the beginning). Here is a brief list coming out of my own experiences with similar exercises – not all of them successful, even remotely.
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Piglet welfare is compromised by feed regulations

When policymakers do not take into account all aspects related to regulatory limits, it is the producers and their animals that suffer the most.
Legislators have decided to ban feeding growth-promoting antibiotics to all pigs, and they are trying to reduce even therapeutic use in order to protect human health.
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ESPN 2019: First impressions, part 1, the venue

It appears somebody reads my blogs or organizers got their act together much better this time.
In 2017, when I participated at the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) in Tarragona, Spain, I complained about several things, but this year, after having spent a great week at ESPN in Gdansk, Poland, I have nothing but praise to heap on the organizers.
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Let us ban everything that causes climate change, for a change

If we are going to victimize animal production for such debatable issue, then why stop there?
That ruminants belch and produce methane that changes the climate on a global scale is a stretch for me, but if that holds true and we are in the path of curtailing beef production, may I suggest we ban tourism as well because such activity increases carbon dioxide production.
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