I have been working in and around the poultry industry for over 30 years. Many industry conferences tend to focus almost entirely on the challenges facing the poultry supply chain. It was refreshing at the Poultry Tech Summit to hear about new technologies to solve problems, and the positive energy surrounding the entrepreneurs was palpable.

The inaugural Poultry Tech Summit was held November 5-7, 2018 in Atlanta and was presented by WATT Global Media. In addition to the 16 innovations presented, the Summit featured presentations on the future role of venture capital in the poultry industry, the future of nanotechnology and a look at how increased computing power and advanced statistics are impacting genetic selection.

The current pace of technological innovation is staggering. Innovators are taking advantage of improvements in computing power, reduction in cost of sensors, new techniques for genome editing and exponentially reduced cost for genome sequencing to develop economical solutions for many industry challenges.

The summit audience heard during a panel discussion of venture capital investors that launching a successful product or company requires more than a great technological innovation. The venture capital panelists stressed that startups need a good team in place. They also need to understand the markets they want to serve and make sure they are solving a real need for their potential customers.

Collaboration between innovators, researchers, poultry industry and venture capital professionals can help make sure that the poultry industry fully benefits from rapid advances in virtually all forms of technology. The feedback presenting innovators received at the Summit during our sessions and in discussions during breaks will help fine-tune their products.

I am looking forward to innovations presented at the summit being implemented throughout the poultry supply chain soon.