Grocer Super Indo to support Indonesia’s cage-free center

Indonesia’s Cage-free Innovation and Welfare Hub will benefit from a partnership with Super Indo.

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Courtesy of Global Food Partners
Courtesy of Global Food Partners

Indonesia’s Cage-free Innovation and Welfare Hub will benefit from a partnership with Super Indo, following an agreement between the grocery chain, research university Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) and Singapore-based consulting firm Global Food Partners (GFP).

Super Indo will be promoting cage-free eggs in its 204 grocery store locations across the island of Java and the southern part of the island of Sumatra. It is owned by food retail group Ahold Delhaize.

The grocer hopes that the collaboration will increase the availability of cage-free eggs in the country and make them more affordable to consumers. The new partnership’s goal is to continue bringing together egg producers and other industry stakeholders to improve the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of the egg industry in Indonesia. 

Johan Boeijenga, Super Indo President Director, stated: “We appreciate the formed partnership with Universitas Gadjah Mada and Global Food Partners in improving the capacity of the egg producers in Indonesia. We observe that cage-free egg production has become a trend and continues to grow globally, and it will happen soon in Indonesia too. Therefore, it is important for egg farmers to get the necessary education as soon as possible to take advantage of this upcoming business opportunity. As of now, to educate consumers, Super Indo has provided cage-free eggs as an option in all our outlets at an affordable price.”

Prior to Super Indo’s partnership, UGM and GFP, along with others, committed to building the international cage-free layer model farm and training center dubbed the “Cage-free Innovation and Welfare Hub.” Construction started on the center in July 2022 and will be the first of its kind in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. 

The goal of the center is to optimize cage-free laying hen management under Indonesian conditions, as well as enable egg producers to learn the most effective management practices for cage-free egg production.

Prof. Ir. Budi Guntoro, UGM Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science, added: “The training center that we have been developing enables egg producers to achieve successful and sustainable cage-free egg production, that can bring long-term profitability. We hope that with this partnership, Super Indo can be an accelerator in supplying cage-free eggs to the Indonesian market. Additionally, Super Indo can promote better animal welfare by increasing the availability of cage-free eggs in the Indonesian market.”

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