Asia, Middle East and Africa Arbor Acres customers celebrate 80 years

The 80th anniversary of one of the oldestand most successful broiler breeders in the world poultry market was celebratedby Arbor Acres Association customers and distributors in Bali, Indonesia. Thefirst day was a joint celebration of the achievement and combined both regions,filling the conference room with more than 100 attendees.

The 80th anniversary of one of the oldest and most successful broiler breeders in the world poultry market was celebrated by Arbor Acres Association customers and distributors in Bali, Indonesia. The first day was a joint celebration of the achievement and combined both regions, filling the conference room with more than 100 attendees. 

The agenda embraced a program of seven well regarded speakers covering a range of key topics which included an update of Aviagen business activities, research and development today and tomorrow, investments in health and quality, trends in production efficiencies in the US, competitiveness of exporters Brazil, US and EU and a personal review from David Hutchinson of 'a lifetime with Arbor Acres.'   

The second day separated the Asian and Middle East, Africa groups into their own meetings where the agenda focused on important aspects of the market and industry that could assist Arbor Acres customers in the regions. A mix of guest and internal speakers highlighted the region's developments, opportunities and threats, the intersection of innovation and demand in the future poultry industry, drivers of profitability, KPI's in the slaughter house, the value of health and quality to the distributor or integrator, importance of data analysis and an analysis of the Arbor Acres broiler performance at leading Asian integrator.

The seminar provided the opportunity to mix at several dinners and evening events together with a tour highlighting the local culture and crafts of Bali.

"I appreciated the chance to see a review of the business by several presenters, particularly the competitor information, business analysis and importantly for our company the technical areas required to maintain performance. Receiving this type of information can help in how we run our business, stated Li Hong-Fa, BAAC.

Li Yong-qing, Dalian Yuanxing, added: "This is my 3rd AAAA meeting and in the North East of China where I'm located we see the competitor and I was pleased to see how our breed performance compares to them. Growth is definitely an advantage which together with the FCR data gives us more confidence and helps us show our people that we can do better."  

 "The meeting, the program and the venue were outstanding and matched up well with the camaraderie between Arbor Acres Asia and Arbor Acres Middle East and Africa which made it feel like a family reunion," said Marc Baribault, business manager, Arbor Acres Asia.  

"The quality of our speakers and their presentations were supportive and full of the progress made in poultry. An insight into investing in the future delivered by a guest speaker was also well received. I am proud to say it was a very successful meeting and hopefully our customers gained valuable information for future decision making."

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