WATTAgNet relaunches in mobile-friendly format

In addition to being mobile-friendly, there are numerous upgrades and new features on the site.

WATTAgNet.com, WATT Global Media’s website covering the world poultry, animal feed and pig industries, has been relaunched in a new, mobile-friendly format. The entire site is now optimized for easy viewing on computer, tablets or smartphones.

WATTAgNet.com still contains in-depth stories from the WATT animal agribusiness magazines, daily news updates gathered by our international staff, commentary from our seasoned team of journalists and industry observers and exclusive features such as Market Data and Top Companies listings.

In addition to being mobile-friendly, there are numerous upgrades and new features.   

The revamped Market Data section allows users to view interactive charts covering global poultry, feed and pig markets. Registration is required to view this data, and it is free and simple.

A chart of broiler type chicks placed from market data on wattagnet

The exclusive online Top Poultry Companies database has been expanded and improved. The new database allows users to search for poultry companies worldwide by name, region or product. Poultry industry professionals can login to view these listings, which include historical data such as annual revenue, products manufactured, geographic markets served and headquarters’ location. The new site also includes a table where users can sort and study the capabilities of the companies in the database.

poultry top companies table on wattagnet

WATTAgNet.com has a new, easy-to-use commenting engine. To comment or share content, simply log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Disqus. The first time you do this, the site will ask a few questions and connect with your social media account. After that, sharing and commenting is as simple as the click of a button.

Disqus comment tool on wattagnet

This commenting and sharing feature is optimized for easy use from any device, just like the rest of the site. Please feel free to comment, share and discuss with your fellow animal agribusiness industry professionals.

Registration is required to view parts of the site, such as Market Data and Top Companies, and it is free and simple. If you are a registered user of the former WATTAgNet.com site, you will be asked to reset your password when you first log in.

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