Hendrix Genetics building layer hatchery in Nebraska

Hendrix Genetics plans to build a hatchery for its layer breeds in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Kovacs Orsi, Freeimages.com
Kovacs Orsi, Freeimages.com

Hendrix Genetics plans to build a hatchery for its layer business unit, Hendrix-ISA, in Grand Island, Nebraska.

The potential $10 million hatchery, when completed, will produce 24 million chicks per year. The intention is to have the first chicks available during the first quarter of 2017.

Hendrix-ISA Managing Director Peter Mumm said that the company has 40 hatcheries across the world, but only two in the United States. They are located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and Blackstone, Virginia.

"After a thorough exploration phase and in investigation of multiple locations and possibilities, we decided to choose Grand Island, Nebraska," said Mumm. "Nebraska is the best and safest location today to serve our growing customer base. The people, Midwestern location, and proximity to feed sources and our customers all contributed to our decision to make Grand Island the future home of our expansion."

With biosecurity concerns in mind, the company is convinced that this location will protect its investment in the most optimal way and secure uninterrupted delivery of day-old chicks to customers.

The hatchery is being built to meet the company’s growing demand for the Hendrix ISA Division Isa Brown, Bovans Brown, Shaver White, Dekalb White and Bovans White laying chickens. "With respect to our current products, we are excited to be re-launching the DeKalb White. With the industry transitioning to more aviary systems for the production of cage-free white eggs, our geneticists have designed a docile bird, we believe, (that) will dominate that market," said Mumm.

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