5 ways to create more effective poultry antibiotics policy

Find out why we must go beyond merely enforcing labeled usage or reducing total kilograms of antibiotics used to reduce antimicrobial resistance.


Mike Apley, veterinarian and professor at Kansas State University, recently spoke at the National Institute of Animal Agriculture (NIAA) Antibiotics Symposium about how important scientific and ethical insights to drive future policy to reduce antimicrobial resistance are missing.

He described five specific ways that the industry needs to shift in order to build more effective policies:

1) Veterinarians must be responsible for antibiotics usage.

2) Metrics on antibiotic usage must be limited.

3) We must bring "true knowledge" to bear on antibiotics usage.

Learn his other recommendations about more effective poultry antibiotic policy in this month's digital edition of WATT PoultryUSA.

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