Top 10 poultry articles, blogs of November 2018

Find out what the most popular poultry-related news articles and blogs were during the month of November.

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1. 16 innovations to change poultry production

The first-ever Poultry Tech Summit brought together tech innovators, venture capitalists and poultry companies from 20 countries to triangulate on the next generation of technology that will solve problems and open new opportunities in poultry production.

2. The top 10 poultry companies in Europe

Italy, the United Kingdom and Russia are each home of two of Europe’s top 10 poultry companies, while the largest company is from France.

3. California voters pass anti-cage Proposition 12

California voters approved the Proposition 12 ballot measure, which calls for all eggs produced or sold in the state to come from cage-free laying systems by the end of 2021.

4. Activist video targets Amick Farms, line speeds

Animal rights group Compassion Over Killing (COK) is using an undercover video that was apparently filmed at the Amick Farms poultry processing plant in Hurlock, Maryland, as a platform to pressure the U.S. Department of Agriculture to lower the maximum allowable line speeds at U.S. poultry plants.

5. Tyson CEO: Smart Chicken brand has growth potential

Noel White, the new CEO of Tyson Foods, says the company’s decision to acquire Tecumseh Poultry earlier in 2018 has proven to be a good one.

6. What Tyson Ventures sees in the future of poultry

There’s much to look forward in the future of the poultry industry, according to the managing director of Tyson Ventures.

7. European animal feed may be contaminated with GM additive

More than 1 million tons of animal feed in Europe could be contaminated with a banned genetically modified (GM) feed additive that may be resistant to antibiotics.

8. Turkey oversupply hits Hain Pure Protein’s finances

Hain Celestial’s Hain Pure Protein segment experienced a rough start to its 2019 fiscal year, as the organic and antibiotic-free poultry producer experienced an operating loss of $19.5 million for the first quarter, which ended on September 30.

9. Fires break out at Foster Farms, Perdue facilities

A fire at a Foster Farms feed mill and another fire at the Valley Proteins portion of a Perdue Farms occurred within the past week, with the Foster Farms fire taking place on November 14 and the Valley Proteins/Perdue fire occurred on November 16.

10. BLOG: Eating cage-free eggs with plastic in our bellies

Benjamin Ruiz: Austrian medical scientists discovered something that I had never thought of: We likely have microplastics (PVC and PET) in our intestines.

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