2020 rankings for South America’s top 10 poultry producers

See how South America’s top broiler and egg producers’ rankings have shifted over the past year.

Benjamin Earwicker | Freeimages.com
Benjamin Earwicker | Freeimages.com

In addition to the 2020 Poultry International WATTPoultry Top Companies report ranking broiler and egg companies globally, it also ranks companies regionally, including for South America. There was quite a bit of movement from the 2019 to 2020 rankings.

Only the two leading broiler companies have the same ranking this year as the year prior, JBS and BRF, both headquartered in Brazil. The remainder of the top 10 broiler companies shuffled around, the most significant year-over-year changes in broilers slaughtered being:

  • C Vale - Cooperativa Agroindustrial moving up two spots from 11 to 9, with a more than 50% increase
  • Granja Tres Arroyos moving up two spots from 7 to 5, with a nearly 25% increase
  • Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial moving down two spots from 6 to 8, with about a 13% decrease

The leading broiler producers in South America, ranked by million head slaughtered

1 JBS S.A. (Brazil): 4,036.0

2 BRF (Brazil): 1,554.0

3 San Fernando (Peru): 280.0

4 Aurora Alimentos (Brazil): 242.6

5 Granja Tres Arroyos (Argentina): 177.9

6 Copacol (Brazil): 172.3

7 Avidesa (Colombia): 150.0

8 Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial (Brazil): 149.0

9 C Vale - Cooperativa Agroindustrial (Brazil): 144.7

10 Agrosuper (Chile): 144.5

South America’s top 10 egg producers saw a handful of ranking changes, four of which represent significant year-over-year changes in layer flock size:

  • Grupo El Tunal moved up one spot to 9 in the rankings, with about a 33% increase
  • NutriavĂ­cola SA moved up two spots, rounding out the last spot in the top 10 list, with an 18% increase
  • Ademar Kerckhoff moved up in the rankings from 9 to 6, with more than a 12% increase
  • Avicultura Josidith moved down several spots from 6 to 16, with more than a 40% decrease

The leading egg producers in South America, ranked by layer flock size in millions

1 Granja Mantiqueira (Brazil): 11.5 

2 Granja Yabuta (Brazil): 10.0

3 Granja Faria (Brazil): 9.0

4 AvĂ­cola La Calera (Peru): 6.5

4 Incubadora Santander (Colombia): 6.5

6 Ademar Kerckhoff (Kerovos) (Brazil): 4.5

7 Agropecuaria RĂ­o Bravo (Peru): 4.2

7 Granja Almeida (Brazil): 4.2

9 Grupo El Tunal (Venezuela): 4.0

10 NutriavĂ­cola SA (Colombia): 3.3

More information about Latin American poultry companies

Data for more broiler, egg and turkey companies from South and Central America is available in Spanish in an exclusive, 17-page report from Benjamín Ruiz, Los principales productores de huevo y pollo de Latinoamérica 2020. This report can be purchased for $79.

Digging deeper into the world’s top broiler producers

For broiler and egg company insights on hundreds of companies around the world, access the WATTPoultry World’s Top Companies database to look up individual company profiles, sort by region or product type. The company profiles include, where available, head slaughtered annually, layer flock size, number of facilities, number of employees, geographic markets served, key product categories and headquarters location.

Annual Poultry International WATTPoultry Top Companies survey

Poultry International WATTPoultry Top Companies edition includes global rankings of the top broiler and egg producers, and regional broiler and egg rankings for Africa, Asia, Caribbean & Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania. The next set of rankings will be published in Poultry International in October 2021. To participate in the survey or for further questions, please email [email protected].

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