Baiada Poultry building two new breeding farms

Baiada’s new facilities will be located in the Riverina region of New South Wales.

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Australia’s Baiada Poultry is in the midst of constructing two fully-automated breeding farms in the Riverina region of New South Wales.

In a LinkedIn post, Baiada said the construction process for both facilities is well-underway, and they are expected to be commissioned in February 2024.

“Growing our presence in the Riverina through the development of these farms is a strategic move that aligns with our vision for growth and sustainability in the region. The new farms will not only contribute to the region’s economy but also meet the increasing demands for high-quality produce,” the company stated.

“These farms are designed with a view to focus on continuous improvement when it comes to automation and animal welfare by utilizing state-of-the art ventilation technology -- whereby the heat recovery system recaptures the heat produced from the farms and utilizes it to offset the use of natural gas. Furthermore, the heat recovery system significantly improves litter condition and air quality within the sheds, improving the conditions for our livestock.”

Baiada Poultry, according to the Top Poultry Companies Database, is Australia’s largest chicken processor and the second largest of Oceana, trailing only Ingham’s, which has operations in both Australia and New Zealand. During the past year, Baiada slaughtered 208 million broilers. It operates integrated breeding and hatching operations, broiler farms, feed mills and processing facilities.

Baiada Poultry, headquartered in Pendle Hill, New South Wales, also has turkey operations.

Its key brands are Steggles and Lilydale.

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