IPPE New Product Showcase: January 25

Get a glimpse of the new products being introduced at IPPE Marketplace 2023 for the agrifood industry.

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2022 Ippe Trade Show Floor

The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is a prime opportunity for agrifood companies to showcase and launch new products. Here’s a look at just some of the products being showcased at this year's show.

Molex Super-Safeway Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

This latest addition to Molex’s Woodhead line of permanent-mount and portable GFCI solutions is ideally suited for the food-processing industry as well as other applications where sanitizing equipment continually creates excessive moisture and humidity conditions. The IP69K-rated Super-Safeway GFCI Industrial-Duty product features superior sealing properties, impact-resistant housing, chemical/UV-resistant enclosure and vulcanized rubber for long-lasting, reliable operation. Nuisance tripping is minimized by the inclusion of an electronically enhanced filter while various product options, including automatic and manual resets as well as different outlet-box configurations, are designed to accommodate a variety of worksites.

Molex Super Safeway GfciSuper-Safeway Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (Courtesy Molex) 

Airgas Cryo Tunnel - FP1 

The Cryo Tunnel - FP1 is a fully welded, stainless steel, in-line cryogenic tunnel with modular sections that can be easily integrated into any food processing line. It offers the versatility to efficiently freeze or chill any type of food product using liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide while ensuring exceptional product quality. It has increased productivity, excellent hygiene design plus ease of operation and maintenance, with a minimal capital investment and installation costs.

Airgas Cryo Tunnel Fp1Cyro Tunnel FP1 (Courtesy Airgas)


PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone Shoe Sanitizing Station 

The UVZone Shoe Sanitizing Station is an innovative pathogen intervention technology with kill rates for Salmonella (99.998% reduction in ≤8 seconds), Listeria (99.994% reduction in ≤8 seconds), and other common pathogens. The system allows you to seamlessly integrate the UVZone shoe sanitizing stations into your protocols without compromising efficacy.

Path O3 Gen Solutions Uv Zone Shoe Sanitizing StationUVZONE Shoe Sanitizing Station (Courtesy PathO3Gen Solutions)


Foodmate ChickSort 4.0

Building on the experience gained implementing ChickSort 3.0 solutions worldwide, Foodmate has developed ChickSort 4.0. This system update is even more intuitive and user-friendly, with a re-imagined user interface. ChickSort 4.0 sets a new standard as the most advanced user-friendly, graphics-based grading and distribution software. ChickSort 4.0 has been designed to control OPTI FLOW Cut-up and FM Compact Belt Sizers seamlessly. The system can connect to the FM Data Portal and FM Data Dashboard, giving complete visibility of the entire cut-up and deboning process.

Foodmate Chick Sort 4 0ChickSort 4.0 (Courtesy Foodmate)


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