US Vital’s regenerative eggs earn soil health certification

The certification recognizes companies that contribute to soil health to increase the land’s resilience to extreme conditions.

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Courtesy Vital Farms

Egg producer Vital Farms has received the Regenified verification for its Restorative Eggs brand it launched in 2022.

Vital is the first U.S. egg brand to earn the third-party verification, which recognizes farmers using regenerative practices that help build soil health to strengthen the land’s resilience to flood and drought. The Regenified seal will be featured on Vital’s Restorative Egg cartons.

Regenified verification is given to farms that adhere to regenerative agriculture practices, which helps to reverse climate change through the rebuilding of soil organic matter and the restoration of soil biodiversity.

To become certified, farms must meet Regenified’s standards, including the Six Principles of Soil Health, Three Rules of Adaptive Stewardship and Four Ecosystem Processes. Additionally, the standards direct farms on how to track how their holistic land management plans are advancing regenerative principles to improve biodiversity, soil health, water quality and nutrient density.

Jonathan Mast, one of Vital Farms’ restorative eggs farmers, stated: “The impact of regenerative farming is visible on my farm. Adding more animals and cover crops on my pasture has opened the way for healthier soil.”

While only a portion of the egg producer’s farms conducts regenerative farming, Vital has committed to engaging all its egg farms in regenerative practices by 2026 through additional training, educational resources and funding opportunities.

In 2022, Vital transitioned five of its poultry farms to integrate regenerative agriculture principals, such as perennial rotations and cover crops. On those farms, the egg producer tracks biodiversity and water retention to determine year-over-year soil health improvements. The Restorative Egg line was developed in collaboration with Understanding Ag, a regenerative agricultural consulting company. 

Nate King, Vital Farms Farm Support Advisor and Regenerative Agriculture Specialist, said, “I’ve seen firsthand the positive influence these practices have had for Restorative Eggs farmers and their hens, and for building nutrient dense soil.”

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