Feeding the need for community

This month, Feed International launches an all-new website to better serve our audiences and provide a forum for the international feed industry community.

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When people casually ask what I do for a living, I generally tell them I'm a business-to-business editor in the animal feed industry, which inevitably results in a follow up inquiry for the specific name of the publication. At that point, I usually provide a more detailed explanation, mentioning not only the feed industry print publications I'm involved in, but the multi-media efforts as well. While each of our print publications is a great stand-alone resource, I've always felt that our strength as a source for the animal feed industry lies in our ability to think outside the traditional publishing box. Within that mix is our website, www.feedindustrynetwork.com. As a companion primarily to Feed International and Feed Management, as well as our two digital newsletters, our website has been home to our archives and the gatewary to the current digital versions of our publications. Basic subscription and advertising information could also be found, as well as directories and special reports.

Improving visitor experience

The information on our website was good, but by reinventing our cyber home, we hope to not only improve the visitor experience through greater ease of use, but to expand greatly on the services provided through the website. With the reinvented website, Feed International will go beoynd its successful print publications to enhance its offerings with digital resources, offering our audiences a true multi-media package of information. With that mission in mind, it became clear that the FeedIndustryNetwork website was in need of revamping to better reflect our capabilities as an information source and provide enrichment of the visitor experience.

As Feed International enters 2008, I am proud to let you know that we have done that very thing. While a few main features from the old site will remain, such as the archives, even these have been given a new look and new ease of access and will provide more in-depth information. The new FeedIndustryNetwork looks entirely different from our old website, not only on the surface, but in the navigation of the various areas of our cyber home.

Interactive forums

What else is new? While I am excited about all the new aspects of the site, probably one that I am most excited about is the opportunity for interaction. Now able to live up to its name, the new FeedIndustryNetwork website will truly be a network for the feed industry. Within the site, you'll have opportunity to take part in discussion forums, read blogs from industry experts and provide feedback and thoughts on feed business issues. I want to hear from you, but perhaps even more importantly, we want to provide the opportunity for those in the global feed industry to "talk" among one another. It was with that goal in mind that we built in these interactive features.

Utilising available tools

Besides what we feel is a very contemporary and appealing design, you'll find that we've utilised more of the tools available to us in building our newly remodeled home on the web. Video capabilities will enable us to show you the rest of the story,' take you on virtual tours, bring the major trade shows to you and provide yet another means of exposing you to the latest thoughts of leaders in our industry.

Another new feature of FeedIndustryNetwork is our Daily Data Feed. This area of the website will feature a graph or table depicting some of the more relevant facts and figures to be found within the feed industry.

Information on the website will be categorised into various topics so that you can scan for your specific areas of interest with ease. We'll highlight current news affecting the industry and also bring you a showcase of new products and technologies.

We hope you enjoy the new FeedIndustryNetwork and call it home.

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