Report calls for detailing additives in enhanced meat

Unspecified ingredients in enhanced meat can cause health issues.

Manufacturers of enhanced meat products should specify levels of potassium and phosphates the meat carries, according to a report published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Overconsumption of potassium may cause irregular heartbeats or even heart attacks in dialysis patients while phosphorus could interfere with calcium absorption and heart function, the report said.

These findings were published after researchers analyzed the potassium and phosphate content present in 36 uncooked meat and poultry products — both enhanced and natural — bought from different retailers.

Eight out of 25 enhanced products reportedly did not list the additives on the food label. Enhanced meat has been a growing source of these minerals since a 1982 ruling regarding the additives from the Food Safety Inspection Service, according to the researchers.

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