Yuhe International completes construction of breeder farm

Three more set to open in early 2010

Yuhe International Inc., a major Chinese broiler breeder, has completed the construction of its fourteenth breeder farm and plans to move 55,000 breeding pairs there by December 30, 2009, increasing the company's total capacity of parent breeders to 1,205,000 sets, according to a company statement.

The farm is on 142 acres of land being leased for 50 years from the local government for US$2.1M (¥14.2M).

Yuhe also has three additional breeder farms under construction. One is scheduled to start operation after mid-January 2010, and the other two are set to be completed by March 2010. Zhentao Gao, chief executive officer of Yuhe, said his company aims to produce 150 million day-old broilers in 2010.

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