2009 Egg Industry Survey: Overall flock sizes drop in 2009

Acquisition of Golden Oval advances Rembrandt Farms’ ranking.

0908 Eg Gprices

The 2009 survey of the U.S. egg industry was completed in early December. Rankings of 60 producers based on flock size are shown here and additional information from the survey will be highlighted in February’s Egg Industry.

Major changes from 2008 include:
• Rembrandt Farms advancing to a joint third place ranking following acquisition of Golden Oval.
• Small individual but collectively significant downward adjustments in flock size by some of the larger companies including Cal-Maine Foods, Decoster Egg Farms, Fort Recovery Equity, ISE America and Maxim Egg Farm.
• Increases in flock size by Weaver Bros, Fremont Farms of IA and Valley Fresh Foods.

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