International feed regulators met with industry representatives

Discussed the impact of legislation on the feed trade

The International Feed Industry Federation and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recently hosted the third annual meeting of the international feed regulators and industry members.

Seventy-five delegates from 21 countries attended the two-day meeting, held in Atlanta, Ga., in conjunction with the 2010 International Feed and Poultry Expo. They discussed feed legislation and its impact on the trade in feed and feed ingredients, with special attention given to border inspection practices, control of undesirable substances and authorization systems for feedstuffs and ingredients.

“Presentations provided by both regulators and feed industry representatives provided background and examples of current practices, and challenged participants to consider ways to improve regulatory and risk-management systems,” said Dr. Dave Cieslak, chairman of the International Feed Industry Federation. He noted that the meeting included the participation of the Codex Alimentarius secretariat.

IFIF will hold another meeting between regulators and industry members at the Global Feed & Food Congress in Cancun, Mexico, April 20-23, 2010.

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