American Egg Board announces budget

Plans to spend $1.5M on nutrition research in 2010

The American Egg Board has announced its planned 2010 expenditures. The board, which promotes the consumption of eggs, will commit 41% of its $20M income to advertising, 10% to agricultural education, 9% to nutrition, 7% to marketing communications and 6% to supporting activities of state organizations.

During 2010 the board plans to fund $1.5M in nutrition research projects on weight loss, choline requirements, the benefits of lutein for ocular function, and the relationship between egg consumption and blood lipid levels in consumers.

The American Egg Board’s income is derived from a check-off affecting producers who own more than 75,000 laying hens. The board is administered by an executive committee and is subject to oversight by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which ensures compliance with statutory restrictions.

Milestones in 2009 included distribution of more than 400 copies of a training video on egg handling at retail, 511 million consumer media impressions, and distribution of sponsored newsletters and journal “advertorials” promoting the benefits of eggs to more than 43,000 health professionals. The American Egg Board attributes an increase of more than 120 million servings of eggs by quick-service restaurants in 2009 to the board’s campaign targeting the food service market.

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