China seeks to limit feed imports

Feed safety rules restrict foreign enterprises

China’s State Council has released the Administrative Rules of Feed and Feed Additives (Revision Draft for Comment) to address the issue of melamine contamination in pet food and animal feed. The rule emphasizes the strict management of feed additives and restricts the direct sale of imported feeds and feed additives by foreign-funded enterprises. According to China Research Intelligence, the restrictions on foreign feed suppliers have more to do with protecting state-owned enterprises than enhancing food safety.

The research group reports that the rules address three areas of enforcement: monitoring new feed and feed additives, restricting imports and enhancing monitoring procedures for imports that are permitted, and regulating producers of feed and feed additives. However, the Chinese government has yet to establish a content standard for melamine, China Research Intelligence said in a press release.

The rules would:

  • Restrict the direct sale of imported feeds and feed additives by foreign enterprises and individuals.
  • Set up a supervisory system for the entire production process, including quality and safety control measures.
  • Define the responsibility of businesses in product recalls.
  • Require operators to track purchases and sales and prohibit them from repackaging and adulterating products.
  • Prohibit breeders from adding substances to feeds and feed additives without regulatory approval.
  • Define the responsibilities of administrators and producers during the monitoring period for new feeds and feed additives.
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