Brazil: New salmonella rules ahead for poultry producers

Change will bring about simplification of current legislation.

The Brazilian government has started the consultation for new rules on salmonella and mycoplasma.

Once published, the new rules will bring together and update Normative Ruling 44 or 2001, and Normative Ruling 76 of 2003.

The coordinator for poultry health in Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Regina D'Arce, says: "The health certification procedures for farms and commercial and breeding establishments are very similar, and it is for this reason they are being brought together in a single text."

She continued that the new procedures were drawn up by experts from the veterinary service with the help of producers. New diagnostic techniques, unavailable when the original legislation was published, along with updates procedures for certifying farms, both broiler and layer, will be included in the rules.

Comments on the proposals can me made through the ministry's website.

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