EuroTier 2014 provides information platform

EuroTier 2014 will once again be a top-class information platform with a unique program of innovations, trends and details concerningmodern animal husbandry.

EuroTier 2014 will once again be a top-class information platform. With its unique program of innovations, trends and specific details concerning modern animal husbandry, it is an indispensable source of information for farmers. All leading manufacturers and suppliers from the pig and cattle sectors will be represented in Hanover November 11-14. The program in the cattle sector in particular is larger than ever before. For example, all the world’s market leaders in the field of milking and refrigeration equipment and systems will be at the show. There will also be many exhibitors in the cattle breeding sector, especially from the major n atio n al and i n ter n atio n al cattle breeding orga n izations. The specialist pig sector at EuroTier 2014 has attracted excellent exhibitor participation too. All the top companies from home and abroad will be presenting their products at the Fairgrounds i n  Hanover. By comparison with previous years, exhibitor registrations again display encouraging growth in the trade fair segments of feed, animal health and veterinary medicine, as well as for other farm inputs. In particular the unique program addressing all aspects of feed and animal health is an absolute landmark feature of EuroTier.  As it has been arranged with the international poultry industry that the next World Poultry Show under the EuroTier umbrella will only be held in the year 2016, this year the exhibition program for poultry farmers is focusing on feed and animal health. Poultry specialists will also find a broad program to interest them in the cross-species sector of the trade fair. The special offerings for poultry farmers are mainly concentrated in Hall 11.

Innovations platform

EuroTier is the largest innovations platform of the European and world markets for machinery, installations and farm inputs for professional animal husbandry. This in turn is confirmed by 270 innovations submitted to DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft/German Agricultural Society). It is noteworthy that around half the innovation submissions come from exhibitors from outside Germany. This corresponds to the ratio between German and international exhibitors at EuroTier 2014. Innovations have been submitted in virtually all segments. The largest numbers of submissions were made in the sectors "Machinery and equipment for keeping and feeding - pig," "Machinery and equipment for keeping and feeding - cattle," "Farm inputs and machinery and equipment for their use," "Climate control and environmental systems and equipment," and "Equipment, accessories and spare parts." A neutral and international Commission of Experts appointed by DLG will once again select Gold Medal and Silver Medal winners on the basis of strict judging criteria from among the EuroTier innovations submitted by exhibitors  

Spotlight on top cattle genetics

The key prerequisites for future-oriented dairy farming include robust cows with a long life. That is why cattle genetics is becoming increasingly important. EuroTier is presenting a unique overview of top genetics from all across the world again this year too. Leading German and international breeding organizations and companies will be showing their daughter animals at the  â€śTopTierTreff” animal show. They use this exclusive platform to present their top cattle genetics to a first-rate in ter n atio n al professional public. The “TopTierTreff” will therefore again be one of the draws for cattle farmers from home and abroad. Prese n tations will be given there in German, and at set times in English and Russian too. The best daughter animals of all dairy and meat breeds will be shown.

Special automated cattle feeding

The use of automatic feeding systems is advancing in dairy cattle, young stock and beef bull husbandry. But what level of automation is expedient? Answers to this question will be offered by a EuroTier-Special “  Automated cattle feeding – From silo to rumen”, which is being set up together with exhibitors in the open-air section of the Fairgrounds. The various technical solutions will be shown with live demonstrations in a practical environment here. This will give visitors the opportunity to inspect the workings of the systems in detail. The focus will be on different approaches, from feed delivery and mixing operations to feed dispensing. Smaller, adjusted rations and more frequent feed dispensing also show positive effects on the animal (e.g. rumen health). Alongside the technical demonstrations, there will be information islands focusing on the topics of animal welfare, environment, costs and feeding management, staffed by experts from the sectors of consultancy, science and research, and industry. Furthermore, the “Cattle” Forum will devote considerable attention to the subject of automated cattle feeding. There will be lectures and discussions every day between 2:00-4:00 p.m. with simultaneous German/English interpreting.

Special “Innovative piglet rearing”

Animal farming and its various systems are increasingly being subjected to the critical eye of the general public and policy-makers. This presents animal farmers with new challenges, especially as regards the construction of animal housing units, feeding and management. In this connection manufacturers of housing facilities, as well as of machinery and equipment for feeding, climate control and dung removal, and feed producers too are called upon to develop appropriate solutions for improved animal welfare. This is where the EuroTier Special “Innovative piglet rearing” comes into play. It is being organized jointly by BFL (Bauförderung Landwirtschaft - an organization devoted to promoting agricultural building construction and optimizing livestock management conditions) and DLG and will show various model options. The focus will be in particular on solutions that allow extra animal welfare in piglet rearing. Acknowledged advisers and consultants for keeping management, animal health and animal housing construction will provide guided tours through the Special several times a day for visitors and deliver answers to their questions. In addition, priority themes of the Special will be examined in greater detail in Pig Forum sessions

EnergyDecentral - I nternational trade fair for innovative energy supply

At EnergyDecentral 2014,the i nternational trade fair for innovative energy supply,  being held parallel with EuroTier, the spotlight will be not only on the production of energy from renewable sources, but also on plant efficiency, as well as on storage and distribution of the energy generated. The trade fair will offer and present decentralized solutions for agriculture, as well as for the supply sector and for various fields of industry such as for example food production. The program shown by the around 350 specialized exhibitors comprises innovative technologies, ranging from electricity generation to grid infeed and steering, from storage and distribution to energy consumption. The goal is to secure energy supplies on the basis of cost-efficient and reliable system operation. In order to establish needs-driven and reliable energy supplies, not only bioenergy in its entirety but also many innovative solutions in the field of energy supply via conventional and renewable energy sources are necessary. Here too the exhibitors can offer matching solutions to meet energy demands. As the global forum for decentralized energy supply, EnergyDecentral brings the different segments and market partners together. Its outstanding program makes it a unique marketplace for information covering all aspects of the decentralized energy sector. In addition to the “Slurry and Digester Residues” Special, DLG and partners are complementing the program provided by the exhibitors with a further Special – “Making pellets and briquettes from agricultural and forestry residue materials.”  M odel process chains for treating various source materials  to make pellets and briquettes for energy use will be shown.

Premiere – Awards for innovations at EnergyDecentral

This year, for the first time, DLG will be highlighting forward-looking developments in the energy sector with its innovation awards. An independent, international commission of recognized experts will decide on the awarding of an EnergyDecentral Innovation Medal. The Medals will be presented at EnergyDecentral .

Aquaculture a firm component of EuroTier

Aquaculture is a firm component of EuroTier. At EuroTier 2014 it will once again be a center of interest for many professional visitors from home and abroad.  Leading technology providers and outfitters as well as many other suppliers and institutions in the areas of aquaculture, mariculture, inland fisheries and environmental engineering will be represented. Making use of biomass from the water and material cycles will be a key forward-pointing topic at EuroTier 2014. The latest developments, especially regarding production and use of algae and other water plants, will be presented in a dedicated area, “Growth in Water.”

Program for professional horse stable operators

At EuroTier 2014 professional agricultural horse stable operators will also be able to find information about the top technologies in the fields of stable and barn construction, machinery and equipment for keeping and feeding, loader vehicles and lift trucks, as well as pasture management, animal identification measures, litter materials, breeding, medical and grooming supplies, and all aspects of management and business administration. The program presented by exhibitors will be complemented by a symposium held by the German Equestrian Federation (FN). The FN exhibition stand in Hall 12, Stand C18, will also serve as a meeting place where experts will be available every day during the trade fair to answer questions and provide information.

bpt Congress to coincide with EuroTier again

In 2014 too, the Federal Association of Practising Veterinarians (Bun desverba n d Praktiziere n der Tierärzte /bpt) will be holding its annual congress and associated specialist exhibition, “Veterinarian Medicine,” to overlap with EuroTier at the Fairgrounds in Hanover. An I n ter n atio n al A n imal Health Eve n t organized jointly by DLG and bpt will again serve both as a meeting place and contact forum for the veterinarians and as an interface between EuroTier and the bpt co n gress.

Future workshop for all areas of professional animal husbandry 

EuroTier is the future workshop for all areas of professional animal husbandry. This is not only the place where technology trends are identified and shown, but also where all major issues of modern animal husbandry and breeding are tackled. Together with partn ers from the fields of business, science and research, advisory and extension services, trade associations and organizations, DLG is presenting an extensive technical program to complement the programs of the exhibitors again this year too. It includes i n ter n atio n al conferences, such as e.g. an “International poultry conference” already on November 10, various lecture and discussion events exploring questions of animal husbandry in East European countries, an information event in English on the effects for animal husbandry  of the proposed US–EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership , as well as Forum events for the individual animal species covering current trends and key developments in the sectors. For instance on the eve of the trade fair, on November 10, 2014, the EuroTier Pig Event, the EuroTier Dairy Even t and the International Poultry Event at the Co n ve n tio n  Ce n ter (CC) will be gatherings for top i n ter n atio n al farmers. These eve n ts are important contact and information forums. They will each feature top-flight speakers addressing topical issues, thus providing impulses for the future. In addition, the Central Association of German Poultry Producers (Zentralverband der Deutschen GeflĂĽgelwirtschaft/ZDG) will be holding its annual general meeting at the Co n ve n tio n  Ce n ter (CC) in the Hanover Fairgrounds on November 10, 2014.

DLG-Talk “Tier”

Together with partn ers from business, science and research, advisory and extension services, federations and orga n izations, DLG will be organizing a panel discussion on each day of the fair. Using the stage at the DLG stand in Hall 26, farmers and representatives from the worlds of politics, business and interest groups will discuss topical issues. On November 11, 2014, the subject will be “Animal farming in the EU – fresh start or outworn model?,” on Nov. 12   “Animal farming and the environment – managing resources in practice,” on November 13 “Animal welfare and technology – What does automation in animal husbandry bring us?,” and on November 14 “Animal health in global markets – current risks and prevention.”

“Young Farmers Day”

Once again at EuroTier 2014 too there will be a “Youn g Farmers Day” for young farmers and students of agriculture from home and abroad. The program covers not only the visit to EuroTier on November 13, 2014, but also various job forums, including one on prospects in the animal feed sector being organized jointly with the Association of German Feed Producers (Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung / DVT), career guidance at the DLG exhibition stand, an international panel discussion together with the German Federation of Rural Youth (Deutsche Landjugend /BDL) and Young ISN (interest group of German pig producers) on the topic “Taking a different path – my new farm abroad,” as well as the now traditional “Young Farmers Party” at the Funpark Hannover.

Multilingual information on the Intern et

DLG has created a special, multilingual information service on the intern et where users can quickly and easily gather comprehensive information about EuroTier 2014. The information is available not just i n  German, but also i n  E n glish and partly in many other languages too. The EuroTier website is regularly updated and contains, for instance, information about the exhibitors, the innovations and the technical program. I n ter n atio n al visitors to the trade fair can also read about the DLG Travelservice with contact part n ers i n  46 countries here.

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