Nutreco delisted from Euronext after SHV takeover

Nutreco was delisted from the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange on April 16, after a takeover by SHV.

Nutreco was delisted from the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange on April 16, after a takeover by SHV Holdings.

Nutreco has been listed on the stock market for over 18 years under the ticker symbol NUO, with the initial public offering taking place on June 3, 1997. The total shareholders return over the 18 years that Nutreco was listed is 885 percent, outperforming most of the AEX and AMX constituent companies. Nutreco won the Sijthoff Prize three times for excellence in financial reporting by Dutch listed companies for its annual report, which reflects also on the openness with which the company has sought to engage with the capital markets.

“I would like to thank our shareholders for their support over the years,” said Knut Nesse, CEO of Nutreco. “Today marks the end of an important era in the history of the company. I appreciate the trust that our shareholders have placed in Nutreco, which has enabled us to successfully grow as a company and to deliver value to them and our other stakeholders.”

With the takeover by SHV a new chapter opens for Nutreco as a private company. The existing “Driving sustainable growth” strategy will be continued with the full support of new shareholder SHV.

“We will continue to provide innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for our customers. As part of that determination we will further increase our efforts and investment in R&D. Nutreco remains fully dedicated to its mission, Feeding the Future,” Nesse said.

Over two decades, Nutreco transformed itself into a global animal nutrition and fish feed company. Divested Nutreco operations such as its compound feed activities in the Benelux, its global salmon farming operations, animal breeding activities and meat processing in the Netherlands have become part of market leaders. The company also acquired significant animal nutrition and fish feed businesses in countries such as Brazil, Canada, China, Ecuador, Mexico and Vietnam. Nutreco is fully focused on animal nutrition and fish feed with a global presence in more than 30 countries.

Nutreco CFO to leave company

Nutreco’s Chief Financial Officer Gosse Boon has announced that he will leave the company on July 1, as his responsibilities will change with the takeover by SHV. He will be succeeded by Jeroen Wakkerman, CFO at SHV Energy.

“In my years as CFO of Nutreco I very much enjoyed the responsibilities related to the specific dynamics of a listed company as well as the overall leadership of the finance function. With Nutreco delisted, these particular responsibilities will cease to exist or change substantially. Accordingly, I have decided to step down as CFO,” Boon said.

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