Nuscience Group opens new plant in China

The Nuscience Group officially opened its new plant in Tianjin, China, on May 26.

The Nuscience Group officially opened its new plant in Tianjin, China, on May 26.

The new plant – with a capacity of 10,000 metric tons per month – replaces the old plant Nuscience acquired in 2000 in Central Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA). Representing an investment of close to CNY100 million (US$16 million), the new Tianjin plant has the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

The Nuscience Group started the construction of the new plant in West TEDA in May 2014. With the new plant, production capacity has been increased and new production techniques have been added in order to answer to the growing market demand in China. These production facilities are unique among its kind, as they can produce all specialties in one factory (such as young animal nutrition), next to premixes and concentrates. Local and internal financing were used for the construction, of which an important part were own resources.

The plant was opened by the Group and Chinese management in a ceremony that took place in the presence of the Belgian Ambassador and local decision-makers.

“With this investment, Nuscience clearly states that it is ready for further strong growth in China,” says Patrick Keereman, CEO of Nuscience Group. “China is one of the most important markets for the Nuscience Group and the plant will be the second largest plant in our group.”

The LUSAI brand, under which Nuscience operates in China, is a well-known trademark as it stands for proven performance, highest quality feed products and safe animal nutrition, delivering total solutions to our valued industrial customers. In addition to the plant in Tianjin, the group also has a second operation in Suzhou and a trading company in Shanghai.

The Nuscience Group is rapidly expanding and marking its international presence. This also shows by its recent acquisition of the Brazilian Nutrifarma, a leading producer of premixes, concentrates, specialty feeds, additives and services. Altogether, Nuscience has production locations in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, China, Serbia and Brazil.

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