Nutreco’s AgriVision aims to ‘bridge the gap’

Biennial, C-level event focuseson relationship between agribusiness, public

Biennial, C-level event focuses on relationship between agribusiness, public  

In recent years, animal agriculture has garnered more attention than ever before. Whether it’s the use of antibiotics in feeds, concerns about food safety or an emphasis on animal welfare, globally, consumers are increasingly invested in how their food is produced. However, one could argue that a disconnect exists between the science and the public’s understanding of this process. The question then becomes: What is agribusiness’s role in bridging this gap?

“Market forces are on the move and consumer interest is ever growing, not only in Western Europe and the United States,” explains Mark Woldberg, Nutreco’s communication manager. The relationship between these trends and the public’s perception of animal protein production -- and its wide-reaching impact on a number fronts -- has inspired the focus of Nutreco’s AgriVision 2015. 

The event, which targets an international audience of C-level executives working in animal agriculture and related industries, asserts the importance of strengthening this connection with its “Bridging the Gap” theme and speaker lineup. 

“AgriVision 2015 will reflect on the changing business environment and address one of the greatest challenges of our time - ensuring that we deliver global food security in a sustainable way,” Woldberg says. “We are very much focused on the whole animal protein value chain. We want to get [attendees] together, get them inspired and give them new insights to help them develop a strategy for successful business in the future.”

Each edition of the biennial conference adjusts to reflect with the current trends and issues impacting the industry. The 2015 edition, for example, emphasizes on recent developments in consumer awareness, sustainability and food safety.

“Since the 2013 edition, the public debate has evolved,” explains Woldberg. “When you look at industry trends, themes like science, consumer trust in the food sector in general, animal health and the effects on food safety have been on the agenda for quite some time. But the focus on antimicrobial resistance has increased to a level we haven’t seen before. AgriVision brings all those issues into one program. For example, we have a representative from McDonald’s examining the company’s antimicrobial stewardship program and its plans to phase out antibiotics in two years.”

Throughout the two-day program, AgriVision provides a variety of speakers to share their perspective on developments that affect animal agriculture now and moving forward. Notably, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will provide the keynote address.

AgriVision will be held June 16-18, 2015, in Noordwijk aan Zee in the The Netherlands. 

With over 350 participants registered, less than 50 tickets remain available. To register and view the final agenda, visit

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