There's more to inspection and detection systems than meets the eye

Anritsu’s inspection and detection systems deliver on both product safety and compliance

Inextricably linked to profitability – food safety and compliance are at the top of the list of today’s food manufacturers. Even without the recent drumbeat of product recalls – some national in scope, some linked to potentially fatal illnesses – addressing regulatory and safety issues has been a priority for anyone in the food chain who is a stopgap between food products and consumers.

To help manufacturers achieve food safety and stay compliant with increasingly stringent regulations and standards, Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA provides safety and security with its advanced inspection and detection systems. “At the forefront of detection technology, Anritsu’s X-Ray inspection systems, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors and proprietary processes and software ensure the safety and quality of products, and at the same time, providing greater efficiency and return on investment,” said Erik Brainard, President and CEO.

Recently, Anritsu developed a new proprietary process designed to drive margins to manufacturers’ bottom line while meeting the industry’s challenging needs for product safety, compliance, quality and efficiency. The Detection360™process includes four key phases to help companies determine the solutions that work best for their products and production lines.

  • Discovery Phase, which determines a processor's goals, process, packaging, and end user

  • Mapping Phase, in which inspection technology is mapped through detailed and accurate detection estimates

  • Integration Phase, where Anritsu integrates solutions from its broad range of standard and semi-custom equipment

  • Performance Phase, which involves integrating technology with Anritsu's basic and advanced training, preventative service programs, and operational equipment review.

Among Anritsu’s solutions for inspection and detection are UltraHD X-Ray technology and the DualX system.

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