DSM highlights Balancius at IPPE

DSM launches Balancius broiler feed additive at IPPE.

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(Oleg Kharkhan | Dreamstime.com)
(Oleg Kharkhan | Dreamstime.com)

DSM introduced Balancius during the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). Balancius is a novel muramidase, and the newest development of the DSM-Novozymes alliance. The additive is said to be the only enzyme to breakdown peptidoclycans, leading to improved broiler performance.

“We believe that we are unlocking the hidden potential in poultry production,” said Dr. Rual Lopez-Ulibarri, global innovation project director with DSM, adding that Balancius was a “game-changing innovation.”

Rual Lopez Ulibarri

Dr. Rual Lopez-Ulibarri (Photo by Mark Clements)

The enzyme has no antimicrobial activity, leaving the gastrointestinal microbiota intact. Rather, it helps the organism to clear fractions of bacterial cell wall debris, working with the bird’s natural processes, resulting in a better functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which aids nutritional absorption and digestion.

Lopez-Ulibarri noted that over 50 trials have already been conducted in broilers. To date, 14 trials have been carried out in the U.S. and these showed an average 2.1 percent average increase in body weight, and an average 2.4 point improvement in feed rate conversion.

Said to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of improving broiler performance, Balancius is already approved in a number of American and Asian countries, and is under review in Europe and Russia.

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